Nordic Makers' Film Festival is an event devoted to craftspeople and crafts, makers and making.

Our definition of making comprises crafts, design and artisanal manufacture, where materials, skills and creativity play key roles.

The festival is the first and only one in Finland. Crafts Council, our British collaboration partner, has organised the Real to Reel festival for several years. In Finland and other Nordic countries, craft skills have been well preserved, and thanks to the comprehensive craft curriculum at school, craft skills are flourishing unlike in many other Western countries. Our aim is to

present the stories of craftspeople from all over the world and to bring new inspiration.

Youtube is full of craft tutorials, and there is little need to show them on the big screen. The festival films are rather about the crafts culture; the craftspeople, their environment and conditions, and the beauty of the craft skills. Isn't it about time that crafts in Finland are elevated to a level of appreciation on par with other art forms?

The festival is set in Kristinestad, where the traditional building skills are reflected in architecture all around. Kristinestad is also the only Finnish member of the international Città slow network. One leading principle of the network is to promote 'the good life'.

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