The festival comprises six film packages of 90 minutes each. A two-day festival pass allows you to see them all. A schedule can be found here.


Real to Reel is two sets of short films compiled by Crafts Council in Britain. It gives you a unique
opportunity to witness craft  in action and the narratives, passion and skill inherent in the creation
of works. The programme unites some unusual and perhaps unexpected tales of making –
from miniatures, to replica birds’
eggs, to a human powered bakery – along with animations that
bring to life fibre, wool, clay and found objects. Submissions from all around the world contribute
towards presenting a global perspective on making. These films have been screened at festivals
worldwide. The only screening in Northern Europe this year takes place in Kristinestad. The films
come with English subtitles and detailed  film descriptions will be available in a separate leaflet.
Festival pass/day ticket and reservation required.
Real to Reel 1 screened at Dux on Saturday at 10 am and Sunday at 10 am.
Real to Reel 2 screened at Dux on Saturday at 5 pm and Sunday at 3 pm.


A world première in Kristinestad - for Barbara Kaucher's film Terraviiva - a ceramist's tale.

Barbara is a Turku based Brazilian photographer and film maker who feels strongly for all things
artisanal. In her new film project Artitus, several types of making and makers will be presented.
Terraviiva is Minna Komulainen's company and brand. Minna is a ceramist who has dedicated
an important part of her life to the production of handmade ceramic pieces. Through her hands,
she brings life to the clay and has had her life changed by her activity. In this film, Minna
shares her reflections on her activity and brings relevant insights to all those who are dedicated to
creating something with their hands from start to finish. Terraviiva - a ceramist's tale is a
sensory glimpse of Minna's activity where we can almost be transported to her studio through
sounds and colors. Barbara and Minna will be present at the premiere. The film is in Finnish, but

the discussion afterwards will be in English. Festival pass/day ticket and reservation required.
Terraviiva - a ceramist's tale screened at Dux on Saturday at 1 pm.


How do we present crafts on film in Finland? We have a rich craft heritage in Ostrobothnia, which should be documented before it falls into oblivion. Craft on film can also be a way of passing on skills to new makers. We will screen a film on the traditional sweaters of Korsnäs as well as films produced by the museum of Stundars and KulturÖsterbotten. Cultural researcher and craftswoman Johanna Björkholm will be present at the screening. Films and discussion in Swedish. Festival pass/day ticket and reservation required.

Films on traditional crafts screened at Dux on Saturday at 3 pm.


Learning a new culture is a process where not only your brain but also your hands can be can play a part. In Kristinestad, there is an ongoing project called Integration through culture, which has a craft aspect. We will see a few film clips produced in connection with craft workshops within the project.
Kalle Raittila's film Pistokkaat ('Cuttings' 40 min) tells us the story about a greenhouse project for newcomers in the city of Tampere. Immigrants learned how to grow vegetables and improved their Finnish skills, but also participated actively in society. The film is in Finnish. Taina Laaksonen, the artistic director of our festival, was involved in the project, and she will be present at the screening. Festival pass/day tickeet and reservation required.
Films on integration through making screened at Dux on Sunday at 12 noon.


Dyeing of cloth is a traditional art form in West Africa. Patricia Gérimont (France/Belgium)
spent time with professional women dyers in Mali, which resulted in the film Colourful ladies
(80 min, in French and Bambara, English subtitles). Gérimont shows us the crafts and the colours,
but we also get to know the dyers and their daily lives.
The film Meïssa by Emilia Rüf (Finland) is devoted to a bicycle repair man in Senegal who makes
magic with old bicycle parts, turning them into human and animal shapes (22 min., in French with
English subtitles).
Wolof ABC (4 min, in English) by Clayton Junior (Brazil) shows how a designer and a tailor join
forces to remedy the lack of school teaching materials in the Wolof language in Senegal.

The whole package lasts 1 h 50 min. At the premises, you can also see the exhibition
Från bark till slöja ('From Bark to Veils') with traditional textiles from West and Central Africa.
Films from West Africa screened at Kristinestads gymnasium on Saturday at 11am and 1 pm,
and Sunday at 10 am, 12 noon and 2 pm.
Free entry.

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